Marcato 180mm Electric Pasta Maker

  • Marcato’s wide version with 180mm pasta rollers for faster operation paired with the electric Marcato motor
  • Designed for make flat lasagna, 6mm fettuccine and 1.6mm tagliolini and offers Marcato’s latest wellness rollers and cutters
  • Adjustment knob, 9 dough thickness settings: n.0- 4mm, n.1- 3.5mm, n.2- 3.2mm, n.3- 2.8mm, n.4- 2.5mm, n.5- 2.0mm, n.6- 1.5mm, n.7- 1.33mm, n.8- 1.0mm, n.9- 0.8mm
  • Made in Italy

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