Honeyson Sound Proof Blender

MODEL : HS-8001

POWER : 1500W


Dimension :

Features :

Model HS-8001 commercial grade vacuum bar blender, although in compat design to save kitchen space, it is built with a sound enclosure cover in 9mm thickness, unbreakable PC material. When working, blender remove 1stly all of air out of container to create a low oxidation environment(anti oxidation for reducing nutrients loss, bright color and fresh flavor for longer), then mixing quietly at around 70 dB, while outputing up to 2200w as peak power and driving speed faster than 26,000RPM. Thanks to these, this commercial grade vacuum bar blender is capable to mix very heavy ingredents including root vegetables, ices into smoothie status for just a few seconds – healthy, safe, high efficency and quiet! Total 6 pre-set programs, friendly touching control panel, plus manually setting operation, it is an excellent and reliable chef assistant to your kitchen! Adopt novel wear-resitance and high elasticity oil seals, well designed water proof struture, excellent heat ventilation system ensure our commercial grade vacuum blender can stay working well without defectives always, you don’t need to worry missing a single healthy drink in the day!